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We programmatically post your jobs across hundreds of job boards, niche websites and social platforms to target the right candidates for your job. Simply set your budget and only pay for the applications you receive.

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I highly recommend the DirectlyApply Exchange for sourcing talent. It has delivered high quality, relevant applicants across a wide variety of job posts which we were previously unable to achieve in such a cost and time efficient manner!

Jamie @ WellToDo Careers

DirectlyApply's Pay per Applicant model has changed the way we hire! Their analytics give us an immediate indication on ROI and the simplicity of use makes it the most cost and time efficient way to target the top talent we need.

Ben @ TG

Fully Programmatic

DirectlyApply enables you to dynamically place job ads in front of the largest network of target candidates, in a matter of seconds, via our programmatic exchange. By harnessing real-time bidding across our unique network of publishers, we are able to maximise the return on your job advertising investment by managing, tracking and optimising your spend in real time.

Targeted Advertising

The DirectlyApply Exchange enables you to place your job advert in front of best fit candidates wherever they are most active online. Through the DirectlyApply publishing network we are able to source and engage the most relevant candidates in real-time, driving their applications to your inbox and enabling you to make better hires, in record time.

Pay Per Applicant

Unlike traditional tenancy or pay per click job boards, DirectlyApply ensures that every penny you allocate to your job ads is only spent when an applicant lands in your inbox or ATS, you will never pay for empty clicks! The DirectlyApply Exchange has been designed to guarantee qualified applications whilst also reducing cost and time inefficiencies that currently exist across candidate acquisition.
With the help of DirectlyApply’s predictive analytics, you simply set the price you’re willing to pay for a completed application and the exchange will deliver you active and passive candidates who have applied for your roles. Receive more candidates across all your open jobs but only pay when someone applies!
DirectlyApply’s Exchange enables you to effortlessly meet your target apply goals which means you can stop focusing on the mundane and time consuming aspects of sourcing and instead focus on candidate engagement, hiring and onboarding!

Control Your Campaign

DirectlyApply allows you to control your campaign via rule-based bidding to ensure you hit your targets and achieve the best results on spend. We enable you to benefit from real-time data and insights, allowing you to make strategic decisions to optimise your recruitment strategy.
The DirectlyApply Exchange also enables you to consolidate any of your vendor providers under one platform, meaning you can control and manage your campaigns across all your current digital advertising channels via our intuitive and informative recruitment dashboard.